The Lunenburg Historical Society announces that reprints of a vintage Depression and WWII era Lunenburg Cookbook are now available!   $8.00


The reprinted cookbook has a new introduction by Carol Wenmark and contains many wonderful recipes from former Lunenburg and Essex County residents of the period.

Who knew that Florence Currier, of Lunenburg, may have invented the lunch dish that is now known as a "Lettuce Wrap"?

Maybe you see a relative's name in this list! There are recipes, or "receipts", from many of the local residents of the time including:

~ Appleby, Agnes ~ Ball, Louise R.~ Ball, Minnie S. ~ Ball, Olive C.
~ Ball, Stella C.
~ Bartlett, Ethel ~ Currier, Florence M.~ Damon, Dorothy
~ Davis, Mrs. William
~ Douglas, Ida ~ Gamsby, Celia ~ Hill, Marion
~ Kimball, Winifred ~ Marshall, Ethel
~ McCullough, Sue
~ Morse, Winifred ~ Newman, Gertrude ~ Phelps, Ruth ~ Porter, Irene

~ Rivers, Grace ~ Silsby, Ethel ~ Silsby, Pearle I. ~ Stone, Mrs. M.G.
~ Stuart, Inez
~ Stuart, Louise G. ~ Taylor, Annie R. ~ Tobyne, Nettie
~ Waldo, Frances H.
~ Westerlund, Emma ~ White, Mary L.

This cook book is locally available for purchase at the events attended by the Society or by calling Chris at 802-892-6654.