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Society Activities

  • The Society holds monthly meetings on the third Wednesday
    of each month, April through September, and on the third Sunday of the month, October through March. Wednesday meetings usually are held at 7:00 PM, Sunday meetings at 2 PM, both at the Alden Balch Memorial Library on Main Street. The Society frequently hosts guest speakers or special programs of local history. Advance notice of these programs is made in the local papers and here.
  • The Society has partnered with the Lunenburg Congregational Church Restoration and Preservation Society in an effort to restore two historic buildings on the common in the center of Lunenburg village - The Old Town Hall and The Congregational Church. To learn more about the Top of the Common Project, Click here.
  • For seven years (2003-2009), in 2014, 2018, and 2019 the Society has produced a historical calendar. These calendars contain photos of time gone by, Lunenburg's people, buildings, community events, and everyday life. The calendars are sold at the Alden Balch Memorial Library in Lunenburg, at events where the Society is represented, and are also available through the mail.
  • Our genealogist is available to help families in locating their connection to Lunenburg. Our Society greatly appreciates artifacts and information that others are willing to share with us. Often the little piece of Lunenburg history you have is the missing piece we need.
  • Our teaching staff offers educational sessions for children as well as adults. These sessions are conducted on an individual basis and subject to the availability of the staff. 


  • Membership in the Society is open to any person interested in the history of Lunenburg who pays the membership does. Dues are paid
    in advance annually.
  • The Society offers five classifications of membership:
            Individual (18 years and older) - $5.00 
          Family (parent(s) and children through age 17) - $10.00
         Junior Historian (youth through age 17) - $2.00
                     [waived if included in family membership]

          Business, Institution or Professional - $25.00
          Life - $100.00 in a single payment 
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