To purchase the Society's products or a membership: 

1. print this page
2. fill out the order form (please print clearly)
3. make check or money order payable to:
The Town of Lunenburg Historical Society
4. mail the order form and payment to:
The Town of Lunenburg Historical Society
P.O. Box 195
Lunenburg, VT 05906-0195
Name: __________________________________________________
Mailing Address: ________________________________________________
Phone number: ________________________
e-mail address (optional): ________________________

2014 and 2009 calendars are each $5.00. Other past year calendars are $3.00 each. A set of all eight past year calendars is available for $22.00. Each issue of the Echo is $1.00. Please indicate on the lines provided, the products and quantity you are ordering, then total each line. The first line serves as a sample.

Orders are mailed USPS first class or Priority.
Shipping and handling charges - 1 calendar: $3.35 Set of eight past years: $5.75
For Echo and non-set multiple calendars please check with our order department.

 Quantity                       Product Description                                price each    total   
     3          2005 calendars     3.00    9.00
                                                       Shipping and handling  
                                                        Total amount of order